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We just sold our extra vehicle, please cancel the insurance on it.

So, Mr. Jackson’s prized possession broke down a couple months ago. He listed his 1999 Ford Mustang on the Facebook Marketplace; therefore, he does not need the insurance policy on it anymore.

Our agency will cancel his current policy, but we do recommend that Mr. Jackson lets the state of Georgia know that he no longer owns that vehicle and needs to cancel the registration on the car.

If Mr. Jackson does not notify the state of Georgia, he will begin to receive FEES FOR HAVING A LAPSE OF INSURANCE. Since the state will not be aware that he sold the 1999 Ford Mustang it will assume that Mr. Jackson is driving without an active Georgia Car Insurance Policy.

If the fees for having a lapse of insurance are ignored and not paid, it can lead to the registration being suspended and possibly his license being suspended as well.

The State of Georgia has made this process extremely easy for Mr. Jackson, he no longer must visit the tag office in person!

Georgia has created this amazing website

It allows you to RENEW, CANCEL or even APPLY FOR A TAG all via that website.

The process is extremely easy and simple to follow. Mr. Jackson no longer has to leave work early and rush to the Douglasville or Hiram location! He can do it all from the comfort of his lazy boy!

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