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Does my Georgia Home Insurance protect my Home from Termites?

First, have you ever seen termites in real life? NO?! Please check out this video of a friend of ours. (it is scary looking)

Homeowners rarely notice that they have termites until it is too late.

Unfortunately, termite damage and the removal of them usually is not covered in Georgia Home Insurance policies. Homeowners Insurance policies usually EXCLUDE vermin, insects, and pests. Homeowners Insurance is designed to cover risks and damage that are accidental and sudden. So, in other words termites are not a sudden phenomenon.

Here is some nice information from our friends over at Nationwide.

"How can I find termites in my home?

To the untrained eye, termites are difficult to spot. But once you understand some of the telltale signs, they’re easier to see.

Termite tunnels: Look for termite tunnels around your home’s foundation and areas where there’s exposed wood. These tunnels are small tubes that look like mud, and might be in a vine pattern on walls, floors or even outside.

Wood damage: Look for damage, including what looks like a carved maze on the wood. Different types of termites damage wood in disparate patterns, though, so be aware that not all wood destruction follows this pattern. Try tapping on wood throughout the house with a screwdriver and listen for a hollow sound in case the termites have burrowed inside with no visible exterior damage.

Irregular flooring: Buckling or sagging floors can also indicate the presence of termites. What looks like water damage could actually be destruction from these pests.

The pests themselves: Termites look a lot like flying ants, but they’re a pale yellow color with straight antennae (ants have hooked antennae). Termites have two sets of identical wings. You may find wings that have fallen off in locations where they have been. "

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