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What's your go to activity in Douglasville?

Its Saturday afternoon and the family is hungry and you don't want to cook anything, where are you taking them to eat?

If you have any suggestions or cool ideas your family loves doing comment below!

My wife and I would probably choose a mexican restaurant in town, either Blue Agave or Casa Jalisco both on Chapel Hill. If it was earlier in the day it would be Thumbs up Diner for sure!

My family and I moved to Douglasville in 2007 from Boston, MA simply due to the weather. Georgia has a perfect mix when it comes down to weather, it can be bipolar at times but it's a lot better than Boston's merciless winters.

Since moving to Douglasville we have discovered a lot of fun yearly activities that bring the city together, such as the annual Chili Cook Off. It's always in the fall and the weather is perfect to sample a large selection of Chili from different vendors. The Taste of Douglasville event has always been a hit for us since we get to try all of the local restaurants in the city. The event also offers a great sense of community that brings everyone together.

My wife and I also enjoy walking our 2 dogs in surrounding parks of Douglasville. Such as Hunter Park or Deer Lick by Fairburn Road. I personally love going to Sweetwater Creek State Park closer to Lithia Springs, it's a short drive from us in Douglasville but the park has a lot of great trails. We usually like doing the red trail, because it has access to water for the dogs to play in.

There has to be more activities that you and your family enjoy doing around Douglasville, comment below.

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