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Congratulations!! Your home offer has been accepted!!

You placed an offer on your dream home, the offer got accepted now what?!

The loan officer you're working with is probably sending you a bunch of emails you need electronically sign, they are still asking for documents to be sent in.

On top of all that you still have a busy week at work! It seems like a lot, BUT do not worry Hometown Insurance Group Jimenez Agency has your back. We are here to make the home insurance portion super easy!

Your loan officer will soon ask you, "Mrs. Smith have you found a home insurance policy yet? We need to have one in place so we can close on time."

That is where your insurance agent at Hometown Insurance Group Jimenez Agency will step in a make your life easier. We have over 5 different home insurance companies we can provide a quote with! With home being sold all over Georgia, it does not matter if your dream home is in Villa Rica, Douglasville, Duluth or even Blue Ridge! We can provide your family a quote for home insurance ! Find our contact information below! Once we start working together we become an amazing team!

If you are at work during the week and can't talk on the phone. That is fine! Shoot us an email or text with your name and the address of your future home! We will do our best to quote you as fast as possible!

We do an amazing job explaining what your new Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover.


Let us know if any questions arise.

Victor Jimenez, Owner Phone: 678-525-7607 Email:

Kwasi Hudson, Agent

Phone: 404-550-7225 Email:

Hometown Insurance Group Jimenez Agency 8322 Office Park Drive Suite B Douglasville, GA 30134

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